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金武町Free Wi-Fi/Kin Town Free Wi-Fi

金武町Free Wi-Fi/Kin Town Free Wi-Fi

t is FREE Wi - Fi that can be used in Kin - cho.

On the Wi-Fi screen, select SSID (Wireless Network): KinTownFree WiFi.

After that, open the browser and agree and start using it.

やんばるFREE Wi-Fi/Yanbaru FREE Wi-Fi

やんばるFREE Wi-Fi/Yanbaru FREE Wi-Fi

Yanbaru Free Wi-Fi is a free Wi-Fi that aims at sightseeing promotion in the northern part of Okinawa Prefecture, enhancing convenience for domestic and foreign tourists visiting Yanbaru, local residents, etc.

Since preregistration is unnecessary, it is a convenient service that anyone can use, so please use it!

Connection method: On the wi-fi screen, SSID (Wireless Network): Select "YanbaruFree Wi - Fi" in the applicable municipality, open the browser and agree and it is done.

もとぶFree Wi-Fi/Motobu Free Wi-Fi

もとぶFree Wi-Fi/Motobu Free Wi-Fi

Motobu Free Wi-Fi is Wi-Fi that aims to promote tourism in the headquarters town of Okinawa Prefecture, which enhances convenience for domestic and overseas tourists visiting the Motobu-cho and residents of the area.

On the Wi-Fi setting screen, select SSID (Wireless Network): MotobuFree Wifi.

Open the browser and agree to use it.

Nago FreeWiFi

Nago FreeWiFi

There is a free public wireless LAN environment around Nago City Hall.

Connection method: On the Wi-Fi setting screen, select SSID (wireless network) NagoFree WiFi.

Then open the browser and agree to connect.

沖縄フリーde Wi-Fi / Okinawa free de Wi-Fi

沖縄フリーde Wi-Fi / Okinawa free de Wi-Fi

Okinawa free de Wi-Fi is a free spot of connection free public wireless LAN.
Everyone can easily use Wi-Fi, no charge for use. In addition, login by issuing ID and password further enhances safety and can be used with confidence.
Okinawa Free de Wifi

石垣市wifi / Ishigaki city wifi

石垣市wifi / Ishigaki city wifi

SSID: ishigaki-free-wifi

■ How to use Ishigaki-shi wifi
You can connect to Ishigaki-shi free wifi's SSID, launch a browser and agree to terms of use.

■ Ishigaki City wifi spot that can be used
«Main service provision area»
1. Ishigaki Airport
2. Ishigaki City Use Terminal
3. Around Kawahira Bay
4. Ishigaki Hotel Kukuru

コザWiFi / Koza WiFi

コザWiFi / Koza WiFi

It is free Wi-Fi that can be used at tourist hubs in Okinawa City.
It can be used in 12 shopping districts such as Zagate Road and Central Park Avenue, 12 music places such as Music Town Sound Market and Okinawa Children's Country.


Select Free_Koza_Wi-Fi_Okinawa_City on the wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) setting screen → Start the web browser and connect.
Wi-Fi utilization top screen Select "Free Internet from here".
Please read "agree to terms of service" and "about wireless LAN security" respectively and select "I agree".
Okinawa City Tourism Portal site (smart version) is displayed and connection is completed.

Be.沖縄 Free Wi-Fi / Be.Okinawa Free Wi-Fi

Be.沖縄 Free Wi-Fi / Be.Okinawa Free Wi-Fi

Thank you very much for coming to Okinawa.
You can use Be.okinawa Free Wi-Fi for free in Okinawa Prefecture. Please have a fun Okinawa trip.


ラ チッタデッラ / LA CITTADELLA

ラ チッタデッラ / LA CITTADELLA

Entertainment & Culture

 [ Entertainment & Culture ]

 Focusing on movies and music, deliver a variety of cultural information



 [ Romance ]

 Couple, enjoy a romantic date "Holy Land of Lovers"




 We propose to learn the day-to-day enjoyment from Italy


Concept Overview 

Italian Hirutaun LA made ​​the motif ( town on the hill ) CITTADELLA ( La Cittadella ) , mainly the metropolitan area 's largest cinema complex as " Cinecitta " large-scale live hall " Club Citta " , and shops and restaurants , beauty and relaxation , childcare facilities , gather services such as wedding , is a city of fun-filled entertainment .

Cobbled streets, such as the European.Shops that lined the ornate.

Square with a fountain where people relax . Feast of light and sound and the water was full of romance ...

A slightly different location than the everyday, spend a day?


[ More available area ] 

・Cinecitta Street 

・Central Fountain Square


【Connection method】

① to turn on the Wi-Fi on your terminal select the SSID " LACITTADELLA_WiFi " 

② start the browser , tap to " a connection to the Internet," the portal page

③ Tap " use registration" of free Internet connection entry page 

④After confirming Terms of Use , tap "Agree" 

⑤After you have entered the e-mail address in the available registration page, tap the "Confirm"

⑥After checking the e-mail address in the available registration confirmation page , tap the "Register"

⑦After confirming the security warning screen , tap "Agree"

Connection completion !   


※ connection time / 1 times 60 minutes 

※ number of connections / day three times 

※ Re-use after registration is possible in the procedure of ①②⑦

※ 1 times of the available period 90 days in the registration

※ It is necessary to re- register if you have passed the period

Toyokawa City Wi-Fi

Toyokawa City Wi-Fi

【How to Use】

"Toyokawa City Wi-Fi" can be used up to 15 minutes in a single connection, 12 times a day.

【Connection method】

· E-mail address registration authentication

1. Please select SSID "00_Toyokawa_City_Wi-Fi", launch the browser, and press "Use the Internet".
2. Please confirm the displayed "notes and terms of service" and press "I agree".
3. Enter your e-mail address, press "Connect" and connect.

· Free Wi-Fi application "Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi" authentication

Please download the application and make connection beforehand.
* "Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi" is an application provided by NTT Broadband Platform Corporation and has already downloaded 1.2 million. More than 140,000 locations nationwide including airports, railways, tourist facilities and convenience stores are registered and it is possible to use them in the same procedure.

【Available Places】

· Toyokawa Station East-West Free Passage Toyokawa-shi Toyokawa-cho Ninbo Tsutomu 1 2 Other

· Kokufu Station East-West Connection Bridge Toyokawa City Kubo Machiya Temple 36 Number 2 Other

· Ina Station East-West Connection Bridge Toyokawa-shi Ina-cho Minamiyama Nitta 292 1 other

· Toyokawa City Tourist Information Center 33 Nishimoto-cho Toyokawa-shi

· Toyokawa Station Eastern parking lot Toyokawa-shi Toyokawa-machi Horimitsu and stops

· Akatsukayama Park Gyogokyo Land Toyokawa-shi Ichida-cho Higashi-eki Top 1 30

· Mikawa Tenpyouro Archive Building Toyokawa City Hachiman Town Ninjiku 127 1

· Toyokawa City Hall (Main Government Building) 1-chome, Suwa-shi, Toyokawa-shi 1

· Toyokawa City Office Ichinomiya branch Toyokawa-shi Ichinomiya-cho 1 Yutaka

· Toyokawa City Hall Otowa Branch Toyokawa-shi Akasaka-cho Matsumoto 250

· Toyokawa City Office Mitsu Branch Toyokawa-shi Otsu-machi West 30 Higurashi

· Toyokawa City Hall Kosakai Branch Toyokawa-shi Kosakai-machi Daigo 10


豊橋総合動植物公園(のんほいパーク)/Toyohashi General Animal and Plant Park

豊橋総合動植物公園(のんほいパーク)/Toyohashi General Animal and Plant Park

Toyohashi General Animal and Plant Park (Nahoi Park) is a facility for recreation and learning with maintenance of the zoo zone, botanical garden zone, amusement park zone, and natural history museum on a vast site of about 40 hectares. Polar animal halls such as polar bears and penguins are popular in the zoo. At the Natural History Museum you can also see fossils of powerful dinosaurs. We also recommend an amusement park where you can arrange vehicles such as coasters and Ferris wheels, which is a fulfilling facility that can not be played in a day.

【Connectable Area】
All zoo / amusement park area
【Connection method】
1. Turn on Wi-Fi on smartphone settings screen
2. Select SSID ".nonhoipark_free WiFi"
3. Connection completed!

Niigata City Wi-Fi

Niigata City Wi-Fi

Public wireless LAN service that can connect to the Internet at major tourist facilities and public transport facilities in Niigata city.

SSID: Niigata_City_Free_Wi-Fi / Niigata_City_Free_ Wi-Fi_Lite

60 minutes / times, unlimited times


【Service Outline】

· By registering as a user, you can connect to the Internet from an information terminal with a wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) function, such as a smartphone or tablet terminal.

· It can be used for up to 60 minutes per connection. Also, you can reconnect many times a day.


In addition to Japanese, the top page (portal site) for connection corresponds to English, French, Russian, Chinese (traditional / simplified), Korean.

* Communication infrastructure at large fire occurrence

When a predetermined large-scale disaster occurs, you can connect to the Internet without user registration.
(There are certain restrictions.)


【Connection method】

 ※ How to use the SSID "Niigata_City_Free_Wi-Fi" facility

1. Enable Wi-Fi on your device and select (tap) SSID "Niigata_City_Free_Wi-Fi".

2. Launch the web browser. The portal site for Internet connection will be displayed automatically.

3. When the portal site is displayed, select (tap) the "Connect to the Internet" button.

If you are a registered user, you can connect to the Internet at this time. If you are unregistered, register user in step 4.

4. User registration is required when using for the first time. Please check your terms of service and register your email address or SNS account.

* This screen is not displayed except when it is used for the first time. However, if one year passes after registration, user registration is necessary again.


※ How to use the SSID "Niigata_City_Free_Wi-Fi_Lite" facility

1. Enable Wi-Fi on your device and select (tap) SSID "Niigata_City_Free_Wi-Fi_Lite".

2. Launch the web browser. The portal site for Internet connection will be displayed automatically.

· It differs from the screen structure of SSID "Niigata_City_Free_Wi-Fi".

3. When the portal site (light) is displayed, select (tap) the "Wi-Fi" button.

4. The service menu will be displayed. Select (tap) Niigata City Free WiFi.

5. Please confirm the contents of "Usage Precautions", agree,

· If you are a registered user, enter the e-mail address / optical station password in the "Flets portal member's" column and select (tap) the "Login" button to connect to the Internet.

· When registering for the first time, user registration is required. Please select (tap) the "register" button in the "First time user" column, check the terms of use, and register your e-mail address and password for optical station.

· When 1 year has elapsed after registering, user registration is necessary again.

· SNS accounts can not be used.


【Available Places】

※ Tourist Facilities

· Marine pier Sea of ​​Japan

· Manga · Anime Information Center

· Manga house

· Anno style house

· Niitsu Art Museum

· History Museum (Minato Pia)

· Ozawa family house

· Niitsu Railway Materials Museum

· Former Saito family residence

· Dune hall

· Ashikinkan


· Cultural Property Center

· Koyasu Hachimanyama Yayoi's Hill Exhibition Hall

· As you go, Pia Flower

· Agri Park

· Water Station "View Fukushimaigata"

· Shiro Kai with a History Museum

· Sakata Waterfowl · Wetland Center

※ public transport facilities

· Touristic circulation bus inside the car

· BRT consecutive bus (twin car) inside the car

· BRT bus stop (in front of Niigata Station, Honmachi, Furuicho, City Hall, Hakusan Ekimae, Aoyama)

· Niigata Airport

※ Shopping district

· Furutamachi 6th Street Shopping Arcade Armor (Armor Mall 6)

※ Convention Facilities

· Toki Messe 2nd Floor

* Government building building

· Near each ward office citizen lobby


【Niigata City HP Wi-Fi related top】


Setouchi Free Wi-Fi

Setouchi Free Wi-Fi

Facilities that have "SETOUCHI Free Wi-Fi" logo · You can use free public wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) at stores and connect to the internet for free.
【About use】
· For Wi-Fi compatible terminals, anyone can connect to the internet for free.
· The use of the Internet will be up to 15 minutes per user (up to 4 times per day) per user.
- Transmitted and received data is not encrypted. Please refrain from using electronic money or exchange of personal information.
【Connection method】
① Select SSID "SETOUCHI _ Free _ Wi-Fi" for free internet
② Activate the browser and press "Use the Internet"
③ Notes · After confirming the terms of use, press "I agree"
④ Check your e-mail address and press "Connect"
⑤ Connect successful if you move to the authentication success screen. Automatically to "Traveling in Setouchi City"
【access point】
※ Tourist facilities (tourism / gifts sales office)
· Cold Wind Ceramic Hall
· Okaki restaurant Kibi's building
· Setouchi Fruit Garden
· Nagoya Sword Gallery
· "Road Station" Kuroii Mt. Green Park Yu Yu Communication Center
· Beefwind Olive Garden Olive shop
· A meal of a meal
· Sushi wins
· Grilled meat Makuzaki
· Meal dishes Asahi
· Kinoshita Shoten
Sushi Friend
· Forza Cafe
· Izakaya 'S (size)
· Tare and cafe
· Ryugaku Ryokan river source
· Hanaya Ryokan
· Okayama Ikoinomura
· Ryokan and Mi River
· Ushimado International Exchange Villa
※ Other
Setoi City Hall
· Nagoya Country Club
· Officis TT Tours
· Nagase Oil Co., Ltd. Oku SS
· Tea Lack Co., Ltd. Mimi Mike Supply Station

ひろめ市場 / HiromeIchiba

ひろめ市場 / HiromeIchiba

It is a facility like a large stall village with about 40 restaurants that have everything from regional cuisine of Kochi to the taste of the world and about 20 stores of souvenirs and miscellaneous goods.

【Available Places】
In the Hiroma Market
【Connection method】
1. Select "Setting"
Twice payrence tw payday tw pay payrence tw payrence payday twain payday tw payrence payment Select "Wireless and network"
3. Select "Wi-Fi setting"
4. Turn on "Wi-Fi" Select SSID "DoSPOT-FREE"
5. Launch the browser and agree on the consent screen
6. Enter your email address and click on the connection
The connection to the Internet was successful.
If you have a home page of shops, facilities etc. you are currently using, you can see it.
※ Maximum 60 minutes per day (15 minutes × 4 times)

女満別空港 / Memanbetsu Airport

女満別空港 / Memanbetsu Airport

Select the SSID "mmb - freespot" from the Wi - Fi setting of your terminal

Enter "mmb-airport" and access key to complete connection.
【Usage range】
All over the passenger terminal

マーチエキュート神田万世橋 / Maachecute Kandamanseibashi 

マーチエキュート神田万世橋 / Maachecute Kandamanseibashi 

Regional active commercial facilities that made use of part of the railway heritage · old Manshibashi station.

In addition to enjoying the remains of the station about 100 years ago, in the quaint halls, a total of 13 shops, including bakery, sweets, lifestyle shops and other food and drink stores such as cafes, are on display.
【Available Places】
Main area of the hotel
【Password · ID】
In addition to the N8 section "LIBRARY" in the building, IDs and passwords are posted in several places in the hotel. ※ Password may change periodically.
【Connection method】
You can use the public wireless LAN connection service by Wi-Fi compatible device in the main area of the hotel.
You can use it by logging in from your terminal.
※ Password may change periodically.

船橋フリーWi-Fi / Funabashi Free Wi-Fi

船橋フリーWi-Fi / Funabashi Free Wi-Fi

Free Wi-Fi available around Funabashi Station South Exit.

【Available area】
· JR Funabashi Station North Exit
· JR Funabashi Station South Exit
· JR Funabashi Station South Exit station Nearby ①
· JR Funabashi Station South Exit station in front of ②
· JR Funabashi Ekimae FACE Building ①
· JR Funabashi Ekimae FACE Building ②
【Connection method】
(1) Tap "Settings" icon
(2) Tap "Wi-Fi"
(3) Turn on "Wi-Fi"
(4) Select "01_Funabashi_Free_Wi-Fi" from the network list selection screen
(5) Tap "Connect"
(6) Return to the top page and tap "Browser" to start the browser
(7) Connection screen for this service is displayed
(8) Tap "Connect to the Internet"
(9) Follow the instructions on the screen, if you agree to mail address registration, terms of service · security warning
(10) The city's charm transmission site is displayed automatically.

山口宇部空港  / YamaguchiUbeAirport

山口宇部空港  / YamaguchiUbeAirport

It is an airport located in Ube City, Yamaguchi Prefecture.
There are 10 domestic flights with Tokyo International (Haneda) airport.
Approximately 1500 parking free parking facilities are equipped, beautiful roses are planted in the garden of the airport, and it is seen from the middle of May.
In addition, the "contact contact park" in the neighborhood is a place for people's rest.
【Connection method】
Select "SSID: Ube_airport" in the Wi-Fi setting of your mobile device
【Available Places】
· Departure lobby of Domestic Passenger Terminal Building
· Arrival lobby of Domestic Passenger Terminal Building
· Boarding waiting room
· Lounge "Kirara"

ツリーピクニックアドベンチャーいけだ / Tree Picnic Adventure IKEDA

ツリーピクニックアドベンチャーいけだ / Tree Picnic Adventure IKEDA

Japan's largest adventure forest was born in Ikeda-cho, Fukui Prefecture as a trigger that all generations from trees and nature to children and adults.
【Available Places】
· Center house
· Zip House
· Adventure Park
【Connection method】
Please launch the application called "Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi" at the Wi-Fi spot in the facility.
You can connect by tapping "Connect" in the application.
【Application download method】
Please search "Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi" on the Internet and access the application download page.
Please download the application corresponding to your mobile device.
After downloading the application, you can use it after registering user information. 【SSID】



A convenient location where guests can easily go from "night port" in front of hotel to beautiful islands

Boasting city resort. Also close to Naha city center, 80 kinds of breakfast buffet is popular.
[Connectable place]
Lobby (It is planned to be available by password entry from now on) Restaurant, banquet hall, all rooms
【Connection method】
FREE SPOT Please check by phone.